Trailer Repairs


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Your trailer is an important part of your job as a truck driver, so when you need trailer repairs in the Columbus area, whether it’s electrical issues, brake problems, or suspension woes, call Groveport Truck and Trailer Repair to get your trailer back in tip-top shape.

Sometimes a breakdown isn’t due to an engine problem, but an issue with your trailer. Don’t let unaddressed trailer repairs sideline you unexpectedly. Our service technicians have the tools and expertise to accurately diagnose and repair your trailer when you get stuck roadside in the Groveport & Columbus area.

Here are some of the most common trailer repairs that we do. If you have one of these issues or something that isn’t listed, call us right away and let us get you back on the road ASAP.

Trailer Doors

Securing your cargo is one of the most important parts of your job, which is why it’s so important to make sure your trailer doors are solid and in good working order. A damaged door can quickly put you out of service and get you off schedule the same as a major engine problem.

Trailer Floors

Though the floor of your trailer isn’t something you think about too much, if it gets damaged, it can put your whole load at risk of being lost or damaged.  The safe arrival of your cargo depends on a sound floor.  We can handle any dry bulk trailer repairs you might have.  Don’t let a compromised floor   The floor is an important part of your truck/trailer. A trailer floor highly determines the safety and delivery of your goods. Trailer floors can be made of timber, aluminum, stainless steel or other strong metals.

Driving Lights

Lights are one of the most important parts on your truck, especially if you drive late at night or in the early morning.  Lights keep you and other drivers safe on the road by alerting them to exactly where your truck starts and ends.  Electric problems can wreak havoc on your trailer’s lighting and brake systems too. Don’t let these trailer repairs go unaddressed.  If your lighting system isn’t working properly, whether it’s a couple burnt out bulbs or a more serious electrical problem, call us today to have it diagnosed.

Trailer Brakes

You rely on your truck brakes a lot, especially when hauling a full load.  A loss of braking power can mean the difference between safely being able to stop and having a serious accident.  Your trailer brakes handle a lot of stress dealing with the massive weight of commercial truckloads. Your braking system needs to be checked and maintained regularly to make sure you have the stopping power to handle your cargo load. We can repair any trailer brake problems and even do routine maintenance while we’re at it. Don’t let your trailer brakes wear out without having them checked regularly.  It’s better to change them early than to risk your safety and the safety of other drivers.

Suspension and Air Ride

Your suspension system is made up of many parts that contribute to both ride comfort and safety. Your truck sees a lot of miles, which causes a lot of wear on springs, shocks, bushings, and linkages. Air leaks and loose suspension can also spell trouble when transporting goods cross country. Leaking air hoses, loose cables and worn bushings all need to be 100% so you can safely make it to your destination. Carrying heavy loads and dealing with the rough terrain of hills and mountains means these parts are subject to wear and tear much quicker than normal vehicles. When you have suspension problems on your trailer, we can get you fixed up and back to 100% capacity while you wait.

Call the best truck repair service in Groveport for immediate assistance with all your trailer repair needs.